Why outsource your bookkeeping to us?


Akin Business Service serves as your bookkeeping department. Outsourcing your bookkeeping enables you to spend your time on income production not paper work.





We know that bookkeeping is one of the most tedious, yet one of the most important, tasks of running a business. You can choose whether to spend your time handling your daily bookkeeping or building your business. Small business owners generally lack the time, knowledge, and understanding, or tools to maintain complete financial records. 


Akin Business Service understands your needs.  Finding a reliable capable bookkeeper, at a price you can afford, can be a chore.  Outsourcing your bookkeeping functions can simplify your life.  We offer the flexibility to work at your place of business or our office.


We have been in business in Austin, Texas for over 28 years.  Our services are extremely affordable allowing you to have professional accurate information.  This in turn can save you a lot of time, money, and worry.


We also will monitor your financial data giving any tax planning strategies available to help you save money.






Bookkeeping Services we provide include:


  • Complete data entry to produce a general ledger which will show the small business owner how much income (profit) they are making.
  • Bank reconciliation to verify all checks and deposits have been accounted for.
  • Complete financial statements for the small business owners banking needs.
  • Payroll, quarterly payroll tax reports, payroll tax deposit advice and year end reports.
  • Expertise in organizing your paperwork into a fast workable routine and solving problems.
  • Year end Federal Income Tax Returns (and state income tax returns, if applicable)
  • Monitoring your business’s financial records to advise you on any potential problems, such as:
    •  Lack of Profit
    • Higher profit than expected and tax consequences
    • Questionable expenses